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Probate attorney San Antonio.


probate lawyer Janice Miles

Janice Miles believes you should receive your full rightful inheritance. Miles also knows that the Probate Laws of the State of Texas are on the side of rightful beneficiaries.  Your mother, your father, your beloved Granny or Aunt, your friend--if they meant you to share in the bounty of their lives; you should. Sometimes disagreements arise after the death of a loved one. They may be honest misinterpretations, or they may be the product of dishonesty and greed.
    Whether you are facing honest disagreements with other beneficiaries or dealing with someone you believe is less than honest, you need a lawyer to represent your interests. Whether you are the named executor or not, whether there is a Will or not, a lawyer advocates your position under the Law. In some circumstances, even if you are not mentioned in the Will, you may still be one of the persons estate law says deserves a portion of the estate by Law. Attorney Janice Miles will help you with all these issues.
    If another party stands in the way of the wishes of your deceased loved one, we can petition the Court for definitive answers and Court Orders. If a Will seems unfair to obvious objects of the deceased loved one's bounty, you should not ,"Just let it go," or say, "It is too much trouble." If you were promised an inheritance, or if you are due an inheritance under the law, Janice Miles will help you receive what you are entitled to.

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