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Probate Wills and Heirship Proceedings

     We know death is inevitable, but when it happens, it is always a shock to the family system. Things have changed forever when Mama or Daddy are no longer there at the helm. When a treasured spouse is gone, when any loved one is lost. A lawyer will help you start the process of getting your loved one's estate distributed and settled. Many people wait and wait to start this process, but eventually, the estate should and must benefit the heirs as the deceased person would have wanted.
     When your loved one leaves a will, the Court, through the process of Probate, will grant authority to a person to act as administrator to distribute or sell the deceased person's property in the way the deceased person wanted. Probate lets the rightful heirs take ownership of their property as instructed by the will.
If there is no will, the process of determining who are the rightful heirs will also take place in the Probate Courts through heirship proceedings, and the granting of an administration of the property.
     Janice Miles will help you, and your family through the legal process required to settle the estate of your deceased loved one.
Call (210) 710-7773 for a free consultation. Janice Miles' fees for probating wills or for heirship proceedings are reasonable and fair.

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