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Guardianship attorney, estate planning lawyer San Antonio.


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                I can help you protect your legacy to your family, spouse, and children by writing your will, drafting written plans for medical emergencies, guardianship, and powers of attorney. EstatePlanning is the greatest gift you can leave to your family. If you die with no will, your family is at the mercy of the state in trying to take ownership of any property or money which is left in your estate when you die. 

guardian,attorney,Janice Miles, san antonio, texas


              “My father’s memory was failing. He began giving his cash to neighbors whenever they knocked on his door. I knew we had to do something about getting a guardianship as his mental capacity continued to slip. I called Janice Miles.
                Ms. Miles told me that as his son, I should file to be appointed the guardian of my father’s person and his estate. Ms. Miles drafted and filed the documents and represented our case before the Court. The Court granted me guardianship over my dad.  The Court granted me the legal right to oversee Dad’s finances and use his estate to pay for his own care.              Dad now lives in an Alzheimer’s care home where I visit him every day. My father is happy and safe, which means the world to me. Janice Miles guided us through the legal process and the court hearings to make sure we were able to have my father safe and well-cared for.  We think the world of this attorney, Janice Miles.”

When You Need Guardianship

From Attorney Janice Miles:

                Whether you have a member of your family who is disabled through drug or alcohol use, or has a permanent or temporary mental or physical disability, or one who is suffering from dementia or senility, I can help you ensure the physical and financial safety of the people you love.  It is not easy dealing with the situation of a loved one who is unable to make decisions or care for him or herself.  I will take the necessary steps in the legal process to ensure the physical and financial safety of your loved one.

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